Transgressive experimentation and subversive play | Making art out of law

An experiment in solidarity with Palestine hosted by The Public Source, a journalist collective in Beirut, Lebanon. Text of the copyright license: "All rights reserved; those who accept a Duty of Care to Palestinian life, including the principles of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (“BDS”) movement, and agree to produce under this same license, may freely use this work for any purpose. We ask them only for attribution."

Training workshops in Arabic, English, and Spanish for Global South organizers and Frontline Communities to activate their creativity in the fight for climate justice.  

Performing Pro Arts COMMONS (PPAC) transmedia performance script is a copyright license and experimentation in using the law as a medium for building an Activist Art machine and practicing community self-defense and care, through the act of occupying intellectual property. Hosted by Pro Arts Gallery & Commons in Oakland, California. 

On the interaction of intellectual property and corporate accountability. Hosted by Corporate Accountability Lab in Chicago, Illinois.